April 1, 2010

Tribal Magic

*Kinda Spoilery Post*

Dear Meredith,

My question is. . . why does everyone in the Amazon have MP? Are they like that because they believe in “tree spirits” or something?



Dear Caroline,

Smart girl. Which agent are you under? Are you happy with her? If you ever want to switch, give me a ring. I like thinkers.

What you said is right on. When my client, Desi, travels to the Amazon, she finds that the villagers in the tribe she visits are able to see the bubble. These people live in a place far removed from the rest of civilization. They’ve not been touched by contaminants like video games and *shudder* reality TV. Also, their world is far more organic (uh, it’s the AMAZON) and they’re spiritually connected to their surroundings.

Seriously, call me if you need representation. And keep the questions coming.

Ta ta,

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