May 1, 2010

Don’t let your moon eyes block out the light

Dear Meredith,

There is this boy I like. Every time I see him I get this dreamy look on my face where my eyelids droop and I stare at him.I’m afraid he will figure out I like him.

<3 Nicole W.


Ah, droopy eyelids. Please allow me to roll up my sleeves because, girl, sounds like you’ve got it bad.

There’s nothing wrong with liking boys, or even letting them know you do. What is really so bad about him knowing how you feel? I’m not suggesting you throw yourself at him (or any boy for that matter). But it’s perfectly acceptable to find opportunities to get to know him better. Why? Well, often that dreamy look can cloud your judgement. Are you seeing who is really there, or are you building him up to be someone he isn’t?  Strike up a conversation with him and see if he’s really worthy of your day-dreams. If he’s just a pretty face with nothing underneath, I suggest you open those eyelids and look around for another crush. If he is Prince Charming, try not to let those butterflies stop you from being yourself.

Ta ta,

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  1. actually liked what you posted actually. it just is not that simple to find even remotely good stuff toactually read (you know.. really READ and not simply browsing through it like some uniterested and flesh eating zombie before moving on), so cheers man for not wasting my time! :)


  2. thanks for the tip!once i opend my droopy eyes, i relized he was not all that great, and now i am focusing on someone else, who i know persenaly is a really great guy.


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