May 3, 2010

Bubble Business

Dear Meredith,

Where is your favorite place you have been in your bubble?


Dear Cooper.

For confidentiality purposes, I can’t tell you the places I’ve traveled. If I did, you could easily narrow down the royals in that area and speculate on who my clients are. I HAVE been many fabulous places, of course, but never fully experienced many of them. As an agent, most of my time is spent at the agency or traveling in the bubble, not on location with the substitutes. And as for my subbing days, it’s hard to take in scenery when you’re so concentrated on not messing up the royal’s life. In short, it’s work, not leisure.

Fine, fine. If you’re going to pester, I will mention one. Iowa. I went there to pick up a sub, overshot a bit and ended up in a cornfield. All I saw forever was corn. A sea of it. And it was so… uncomplicated, so vast. I felt so alone, yet so complete.

Ahem. Wow, I need to get some sleep. Cornfields? Gibberish. Continue on…

Ta ta

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  1. Yay!!
    Go Iowa!


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