May 23, 2010

Hair Today

Dear Meredith,

Why is your hair green?



Dear Sallie,

Sorry it took a bit for me to respond. You wouldn’t believe what my inbox looks like as of late. I could really use an assistant, but then I’d need to find someone willing to work my hours, who has at least half my mental capabilities and well… dream on, Meredith.

But! Here we are. And this is a very simple question to answer. My hair is green because, first off, GREEN IS FABULOUS. Far more fabulous than the oft-preferred pink and purple of the feminine world. But I believe you’re asking why agents in general dye their hair. Well, it’s actually a dye that can only be seen by someone with Magic Potential. Your average person on the street would only see my black hair. It serves as an identifier of sorts (you can tell a Facade dye job over a boxed disaster easy. And if you can’t, well, shame on you). It also serves as an, kind of like how sports teams wear the same uniform, we all dye our hair. Some of us just choose much more brilliant and bold colors.

Ta ta,

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  1. Hey, Meredith, GREEN IS MY FAV COLOR! And it’s yours too. I think that pink and purple are fine, of course, but green just stands out in a crowd of girls.


  2. Hey Meredith!
    I LOVE green! Pink is a bit to girly, blue to boyish, purple a bit to drama, but green is just perfection! Besides green is the color of life!


  3. Hello Meridith. I just wanted to say that I totally agree with your hair color choice. Green has PIZAZZ! I mean who would dye their hair a girly pink or purple when it could be a cheery, flamboyant green?


  4. Meredith! OMG!!!!! I LOVE GREEN!!! I mean,blue is nice occasionally;but green(especially lime green) is the BOMB!!! I used 2 like pink,but i hate it now cause its so girly! LOVE IT!! Dont EVER change it!


  5. Hi, Meredith

    Green is a very nice color. But purple can be good to you just need the right shade, the same with pink.

    Well bye! :)


  6. Dear Sir!,
    you are sooo wrong blue is certinly not a boys or boyish color … it tis a neutral color THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


  7. Dear Sir!,
    you are sooo wrong blue is certinly not a boys or boyish color it tis a neutral color THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


  8. I love blue but I could NEVER dye my curly,jet black hair that color NO WAY!


  9. Dang Meredith. Sounds like a lot of email. If you need an astaint I’d be glad to help. You don’t have to pay me either.


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