June 4, 2010

You don’t look a day over 389,493

Dear Meredith,

Are the agent/subs at Facade (like yourself) immortal?


Dear Addy,

No. We’re very much human, and thus very much mortal. And good thing, because if I had to live in a world where Lady Gaga is “relevant” for the rest of eternity, I may just have to hide in a fashionable cave. Sorry, but it must be said. Wearing SPIKES in never okay.

Back to your great question, because the whole time going-on-here-but-not-there thing is confusing. All agents have MP–we all started out as subs and worked our way up to this point. So our MP serves as a protector, a shield of sorts, from making us age at an accelorated pace while switching back and forth. Actually, I would say it’s quite the opposite–we seem to age more slowly. My boss, for example, looks flawless and she’s edging on 70. I can’t wholly go into to reasons behind the deceleration right now, though. Confidential and all that.

Thanks for the compliment, btw. This new skin creme is so worth it.

Ta ta,

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  1. Lady Gaga disgusting? Yes!! Lol! Finally someone with LOTS of fashion sense, and actually counts to people agrees with me! Victory!!


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