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July 13, 2010

Numbers talk

Dear Meredith,

How many royals have you helped?

<3 Meghan

Dear Meghan,

Sorry I’m late on this inquiry. You wouldn’t believe the craziness that is June here at Facade. And I so wish I could answer this for you, but… confidential. Shall we speak hypothetically instead? Say I had, oh five subs under me. And say, just for the ease of numbers, that each sub worked for one royal a month. Well, in the course of a year, that’s sixty royals. Subtract about ten for repeat clients and you have fifty. Add the many years I’ve been doing this (but also remembering royals aren’t as abundant as they once were) and it’s well into the hundreds.

There will always be a handful who stick out, though. Makes one wonder if we might have been friends had our relationship not been of business nature. But what of it? Friends require time, and I must go clean up some June disasters.

Ta ta!

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