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November 3, 2010

The J-O-B

It’s been a technomagical NIGHTMARE here at Facade. The email server has obviously been down for months, and even now it’s spotty. Huh, I hope none of my subs tried to send me anything. There was this one girl with a dog allergy who got stuck with the Prime Minister’s poodle and… Not Pretty.

So, while I’m connected, I’ll try to swim out of this ocean of email. You girls have been wonderfully responsive, and please do keep the questions coming. So *rolls sleeves up* (uck, like I would ever commit that fashion faux paux)

Dear Meredith,

What do you like best about you job?
Have you ever told anyone about your job in the real world? (Besides that boy you liked).


Dear Chloe,

Allow me to answer the latter question first. NO. No no no. Discussing the agency with anyone outside of the agency is severely taboo. I made that tragic mistake ONCE, and once was enough. Don’t make that mistake, girls. STAY MUM.

Whew. Now that we’ve cleared that up.

Favorite part of the job. Hmmmm… this. The clients. The interaction. Seeing the royals happy, and watching my subs progress. Makes me feel somewhat maternal. Or the closest thing I’ll ever be to maternal, because I’m never having children.


Ta Ta,

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