January 2, 2012

I need an assistant

I have 304 messages in my inbox. How is that even possible? I really need to hire an assistant, but that person would have to be as competent, proactive, and assertive as yours truly. That person simply does not exist. Nonetheless, I’ve finally found some spare time to answer some more reader mail. Please listen this time, ladies. All this does he like me? Do I like him? garbage is grating on my nerves. If you think you like him, then you probably do. If he likes you–fab. If he doesn’t–he’s an idiot.

Your welcome there.

Today’s question comes from Lauren

Dear Meredith,

All my friends have boyfriends and they just keep trying to set me up with a boy that I’m not even sure I will even like.  I decided that I’m waiting to date and I can’t get that across to them. What ever shall I do?


Dear Lauren,

This is a tough one. It seems when you DO have a boyfriend, your friends can’t be happy for you and try to sabotage the relationship, just because it’s against the rules of your shared employer! Not that I speak from personal experience. And if they have boyfriends, they want you to jump in as well.

The fact is, it takes a lot of maturity to realize you’re NOT ready to date just yet. Dating is fun, but it can also be messy, awkward, and lead to lots of heartache. It’s not something to do just because of peer pressure, especially if you don’t feel the boy they are trying to set you up with is right for you.

So my advice is to simply tell them thanks, but no thanks. Look for opportunities to hang out when the focus isn’t just on boys. After all, boyfriends come and go, but true friendships can last forever!

Ta ta,


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  1. Thanks I think its working Meredrith. :)


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