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March 7, 2010

I want his number, 867-5309

Dear Meredith,

I have a crush on my sister’s boyfriend but he is 17. He always calls me “squirt” so I think he likes me too. Maybe not like like, but when I am older he could! I mean, when I am 18 he will be 22. And my sister doesn’t apprcetiate him and flirts with other boys! I wish I could just trade places with her.

Plz help! <3 Josie

Dear Josie,

This isn’t Freaky Friday. You aren’t your sister, you are you and that’s something wonderful right there (I’m assuming you are wonderful. You might be an annoying brat, but I’m in a good mood so that’s what you get). Also, seriously? The guy is SEVENTEEN. That is so out of your age bracket it makes me ill. The only time, ONLY time you can crush on a guy that old is when he is in one of those celebrity magazines, lounging on a couch and talking about his music and dream girl. Not that I read those. That’s a safe love interest because it’s not real. Sister’s much older boyfriend? Uh uh. Time for a new crush STAT.

Ta Ta,

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