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When can I read the third book in the Princess for Hire series, A FAREWELL TO CHARMS?

NOW! Y’all, it’s out NOW! I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it. You can order the book HERE

Will there be a fourth book in the Princess for Hire series?

I am 99.9% sure that this series is over. I’m happy with where it ended, but plan on writing many more books that will appeal to fans of this series.

Are the princesses that Desi stands in for based on real life princesses?

Yes and no. All the countries and monarchies are fictional conglomerates of various cultures. I always note a vague region where these countries lie, but they aren’t based on one single country or person.

If you could substitute for a princess from film and/or literature, who would it be and why?

I’ll go with a Disney character, because, as my book shows, real life princesses have their share of drama. But Disney princesses? They don’t even AGE. Plus, their doe-eyed faces are on lunch boxes, which has always been a personal goal of mine.
So answer is… Belle aka Beauty. She loves to read and looks good in my favorite color, yellow. She doesn’t like arrogant muscle men, but instead gets a pet and a boyfriend all in one hairy package. She’s served by singing cutlery. It’s a dream world, really, and much better than hanging out with Cinderella’s diseased mice.

If you could stand in for a real royal, who would it be?

Queen Rania of Jordan. She’s a huge advocate for education and women’s rights. She’s gorgeous and smart and kind. But if I could do just one day, I’d hop into her wedding because she had the yummiest cake I’ve ever seen.

Oh, maybe I should have said something more profound and political, huh? Nevermind. Check out this cake. She had two of them and they got to cut it with a sword.



Why is it easier for Desi to fix the princesses lives and NOT her own?

Even though she’s acting as someone else, it is still acting in a way. It’s not Desi’s reality. I mean, I always gave my girlfriends smashing boy tips, but couldn’t even talk to my own crush. Listening to yourself, to your own advice, takes courage and Desi finds that courage through walking in other girl’s shoes. Er, heels.

If Princess for Hire was to be made into a movie, who do you think would make a great Desi?

First off, let me say that as of now, there is no movie deal and even if there was, I would have absolutely no say in casting (although I would love love love to play Lady In The Background Number #43). So I can’t put in a good word for you. Sorry! Instead, you should go make your own Princess for Hire movie with your friends! Great slumber party entertainment.

My new favorite TV show is Modern Family and I LOVE Ariel Winter, who plays the smart, snarky Alex.

Plus, she’s young enough that the movie could be in production for awhile and she’d still be a teenager.

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