Need a sub? Take this quiz

Hello, fabulous royals! Are you looking to find a substitute to fit seamlessly into your life? Someone you can hire again and again while you go on your well-earned breaks from your royal demands? Façade agency has a diverse array of talented subs and one is perfect for you! Take the below quiz and we’ll make sure we match you to your ideal princess for hire.

1. Describe your dream boy

a. Rich. Submissive. Handsome. Rich.

b.  Boy? Like I have time for boys. I have a job to do, K?

c. Doesn’t know I exist, calls me the wrong name and copies my schoolwork. But hey, he was nice once in fourth grade. There’s always have that to hold onto.

d. Likes sliding in mud, burping contests and picking his teeth.

2. What is the most important quality in a friend?

a. Status

b. Loyalty

c. Kindness

d. Drumsticks

3. What is your favorite piece of clothing?

a. Tiaras. Who cares about the clothes as long as the jewels are sparkling?

b. Shoes.  I have a total weakness for shoes. Not that I spend all day shopping.

c. T-shirts I designed myself. And I’m all about comfort.

d. Coveralls

4. What do you like to do for fun?

a. Polish my jewelry. Also, make references to obscure books and artwork so others will know how wonderfully refined I am.

b. Fun? Like I have time for fun. W-O-R-K, have you heard of it? Sheesh, how long is this quiz anyway?

c. Design my own t-shirts, watch old movies, play online word games, and subbing, of course!

d. Dig through trash cans

5.  What is the most important thing for a substitute to do?

a. To get in and get out without giving any clue that you were ever there. Method!

b. Their job. Subs should have enough common sense to know what that means.

c. To make a positive impact on the princess’s lives.

d. Sub. Duh.

*     *     *

If you answered mostly A, you’d love a girl trained by Lilith.

Lilith is an old pro at our agency. She is aristocratic, poised, commanding and clever.  She highly values the royal tradition and will do anything to see it maintained.  Now an agent, she passes on her mantra to the dedicated girls she trains. Rest assured your commands will be followed with precision.

If you answered mostly B, you’d be great with Meredith

Meredith is another wonderful agent at Façade who has subbed in the past. She now books gigs as an agent and is very, very dedicated to her job. Uh… very. She has a sharp wit and is quick on her toes. If you’re the sensitive type, you might want to go with someone else.

If you answered mostly C, Desi is your girl.

Desi is a down-to-earth girl with an empathetic heart. She’s new with the agency, but we see much promise in her. Her magic, in particular, is very strong. You can get a better feel for her subbing style by reading about her adventures in PRINCESS FOR HIRE

If you answered mostly D, well… we really can’t help you because you obiviously aren’t royal.

I mean, burping contest? Seriously? Maybe you should get your head checked. And next time, don’t call us. We’ll call you.

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